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Our new book: The Dialectic & the Detective


Our new book, The Dialectic & the Detective: The Arab Spring and Regime Change in Libya was be published on 24 April.  It presents conclusive  evidence that the Arab Spring was anti-imperialist - not anti-Mubarak or anti-BenAli - in nature and, further, that it was triggered by the US to provide a smokescreen for Colonel Gaddafi's murder and regime change in Libya. 

Click here to order your copy today and support our work.  Click here to learn more about a book that is effectively saying that the earth is not flat, contrary to what the corporate media and their political masters have told you.  Go here, or here, to read Chapter Five as a taster.

The establishment media - corporate and alternative - have refused to review the book.  Find out why here.  You could also order your copy from this site.


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Bombing Syria: Haven't we been here before?

The West is yet again getting ready for yet another bombing spree in Syria on the highly dubious claim that the Assad government was "gassing their own people".  In 2013, they came manufactured similar claims and "evidence", all of which turned out to be baseless, as we demonstrated in this film we made at the time. 

For Saddam Hussein, it was fictional WMDs.  For Colonel Gaddafi, it was for non-existent "massacres of peaceful protesters".  And for Bashar al-Assad, it will be gas attacks that Western-cum-Saudi proxies are suspected of carrying out.  You can share this video using the social media options in this version.