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Exposé: Western media and Libya’s African genocide

This year marks the eighth anniversary of the insurgency that culminated in the imperialist assault on Libya by NATO forces, and the killing eight months later of Colonel Gaddafi, the country’s longtime leader.

But we will remember it as the eighth anniversary of Libya’s African Genocide. Our essay examines the role Western media and their political masters played in the massacres of innocent Africans in the oil-rich North African country. You will not read this anywhere else in the whole wide world – and you can trust me on that!

Simply put, we tell it like it is! Forward to the Beef !

Some other Beefs

On Walter Rodney: Pan-Afrikanism, Marxism and the Next Generation

“It was precisely because Walter Rodney disagreed with this ahistorical, unscientific position that Tanzania became his finishing school.  It is my position that the practice and experience of Tanzania served to reinforce his belief that Pan-Afrikanism was the only way forward for Africa – that individual African countries could not achieve development as neocolonial mini-states and, further, that the class struggle was the locomotive on which we would arrive at the socialist Union of African States.”

Of racist workers, journalists and beggars

“This brings to mind the case of Michael Richards, who played Cosmo Kramer in the US sitcom Seinfeld, one of my most favourite TV shows.  Although I was partial to Elaine “He took it out” Benes, not to mention George “It shrunk” Costanza (played, respectively, by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander), I also loved the mad-cap way Richards portrayed the Kramer character. Alright, then, I loved Richards.  And then he let rip with a tirade of racist abuse after he was heckled on stage by an audience that included black people.  Not unlike Mr Reporter, you only had to scratch the surface for the hidden racist to jump out at you.”

“Hit-and-run capitalism” targets Guyana’s oil and gas

” We will note in passing that this bolt of uncharacteristic candour from the IMF is not an instance of the neocolonial appendage going rogue.  Forbid the thought!  It was your traditional conjuror’s trick and an opportunistic public relations exercise rolled into one.  It took nothing away from their core function and exploitative raison d’etre. This is easily gleaned from the fact that the body I call the “Imperialist Monetary Fund” has not deemed it necessary to condemn the revenue-sharing aspect of the deal, under which Exxon will expropriate close to 90% of the value of crude oil produced.”

How my book united the Left and Right-wing media

The bolt from the red was the response of many left-wing writers, journalists and alternative media. I had thought that once the book was published these presumed fellow travellers would need little prompting to write and run critiques of the work…The eye-opener came from those fellow travellers whom common sense alleged would not only welcome the book’s publication, but would do so with the enthusiasm of activists, writers and scholars whose positions on the Libya intervention were now vindicated by well-researched and dialectically-logical arguments.

Introduction to “The Dialectic and the Detective”

This book is not an ode to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, nor is it a lament for his passing.  Despite his anti-imperialist trappings, Gaddafi was a self-serving dictator.  He called himself a socialist, but stifled the self-activity of his people.  He called himself a Pan-Afrikanist, but was a racist.  My goal in this book was to study the 2011 imperialist aggression against Libya from the perspective of a detective investigating the murder of the Libyan leader. Put simply, this is a study of naked, imperialist aggression.

Bombing Syria: Haven’t we been here before?

The West is yet again getting ready for yet another bombing spree in Syria on the highly dubious claim that the Assad government was “gassing their own people”.  In 2013, they came manufactured similar claims and “evidence”, all of which turned out to be baseless, as we demonstrated in this film we made at the time. 

For Saddam Hussein, it was fictional WMDs.  For Colonel Gaddafi, it was for non-existent “massacres of peaceful protesters”.  And for Bashar al-Assad, it will be gas attacks that Western-cum-Saudi proxies are suspected of carrying out. 

Grab the second edition of our book: “The Dialectic and the Detective”

Little red book…that demolished the disinformation, pulverized the propaganda, etc

The new edition of The Dialectic and the Detective: The Arab Spring and Regime Change in Libya, our book on the true nature of the Arab Spring, has been published on Amazon as an eBook.  In it we prove that the so-called revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt in 2011were part of a smokescreen to provide cover for the murder of Colonel Gaddafi and regime change in Libya – a goal which could only be guaranteed if Gaddafi were dead.

We demonstrate how the revolutionary instincts of the Arab masses were roused and and then manipulated by agents provocateurs in the employ of imperialism, and how the response to the manufactured “crisis” by the so-called United Nations was scripted well in advance by the Masters of the Universe. In a word, we prove that the “magnificent” Arab Spring was a put-up job!


“The book offers a rich analysis of the intricacies of the Arab Spring and the regime change in Libya, a process that despite the killing of Colonel Gaddafi is far from concluded. The analysis to unveil the hidden dynamics and the anti-imperialistic nature of the Arab Spring is ingeniously developed using Marx’s materialist dialectics. Thus, posing as a murder detective, the author takes the reader through each element of the plan that Western countries concocted to pursue regime change in Libya by eliminating Colonel Gaddafi and using the Arab Spring, and its purported aspirations of liberation from dictatorship and repression, to disguise their true intentions. Julian Lahai Samboma cleverly triangulates information mostly available in the public domain to reconstruct the jigsaw of the imperialist driven process that led to the fall of Colonel Gaddafi and the ensuing unrest and fragmentation of Libya”. – Grazia Careccia, Human Rights and Middle East Senior Consultant

“[An] impressive volume by [an] estimable and talented dialectician of African descent…I cannot recommend [the book] highly enough…An engaging and worthwhile read that demonstrates the utility of the Marxian dialectic…Here Julian Lahai Samboma has created a useful primer that demonstrates the methodology of dialectically interrogating a recent event, the NATO destruction of Gaddafi’s Libya, in a structured and precisely enunciated fashion… For professors teaching seminars on dialectics I think this is a very good textbook that furthermore will not kill student wallets, always an added virtue”. – Andrew Stewart, Marxist writer and filmmaker, in Counterpunch

“Yeah, the CIA recruited that fruit peddler in Tunisia who self-immolated in January, 2011 just like they recruited the guys who flew jets into the WTC and the Pentagon in 2001. If it weren’t for these men willing to die for the right of the USA and Israel to rule over Arabs and North Africans, things would have been much better”. – A Reviewer

“You have obviously not read the book, even though I submitted a review copy. This is heckling, not constructive criticism.  You have conflated several issues in that response.  Your take on the self-immolating fruit vendor is a reified perception of the real, hidden movement of what Marx called “empirical matter”. That is precisely one of the reasons I wrote the book, to remove the mote from the eyes of comrades and non-comrades alike.  If the appearance was the true reflection of the essence, to paraphrase Marx, there would be no need for science, or for the materialist dialectic, which is the scientific method”. –  J L Samboma

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