I am an African writer and filmmaker living in London, UK.

Formerly London correspondent for IPS, the international news agency, and special correspondent for New African and African Business magazines, I have written for various London-based and international publications.

My book on the 2011 imperialist assault on Libya is in its second edition.  It is titled The Dialectic and the Detective: The Arab Spring and Regime Change in Libya and can be found online.   

We prove in the book that the so-called Arab Spring was anti-imperialist in nature and, further, that it was authored and choreographed by the Masters of the Universe, to provide a smokescreen for Colonel Gaddafi’s murder and regime change in Libya.

Establishment media and academia - and their political masters - spun the Arab Spring as a revolt against domestic dictatorship. Indeed, they told us the earth was flat! My book proves that was a big, fat, juicy lie.

The findings in the book are tantamount to a scientific discovery, for the simple reason that they were derived by the use of the materialist dialectic, which is but another name for the scientific method. 

Swiftly moving on, I am a student of Marx and a follower of Nkrumah. I love Bob Marley, Jazz and the old-time Blues.  BB is King!

My first work of fiction, a novel provisionally titled “We Are The Gods”, will be published later this year. A volume of essays and articles, which originally appeared on my blog and elsewhere, will be released before that.

My passion for health and fitness, and abhorrence of how the capitalist drive for ever more profits impacts negatively on those values, finds expression in the "Wellness" section of this website.

Orwell says somewhere that in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  The Beefs are my very own personal revolution, as I traverse what Harold Pinter calls “a vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed".

Julian Lahai Samboma