Demonising Islamic Faith
Monday, July 10, 2006 at 07:32
Samboma in Comment

muslims.jpgThe first anniversary of the London bombings has provided the Masters of the Universe with another platform from which to lecture us lesser, presumably thicker mortals about the evils of “Islamic terrorism” - and in the process to consciously, deliberately manufacture the “fear of the other” that permits them to strip us of the remaining human and democratic rights of which their “war on terror” has yet to rob us.

Television screens all over the global village inform us that the “Islamic terrorists will never defeat us”. Images of London’s Nazi-era “Dunkirk Spirit” are invoked, even as we are told that more of our rights are going to be taken from us. They don’t of course put it that blatantly; they say they “will do everything necessary to defeat the jihadis.” In the US, UK, Canada, EU countries and elsewhere more “anti-terror” legislation is in the pipeline.

Islam is a Religion of Peace

As Bush-Blair and cohorts implore their subjects to follow them on their war on “Islamic terror”, and them and their cheerleaders in mass-medialand label Islam as “the religion of terrorists”, it is imperative that all those who can think for themselves begin to do exactly that. And one starting point could be Blair’s recent call to so-called “moderate Muslims” to expose the “extremists” within their communities.

Like all religions, Islam is a religion of peace, a fact which has been pointed out many times, but one which does not fit well with the “Islamic terror” narrative that is presently being propagated for mass, unquestioning consumption. All religions - Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, etc - have had from time immemorial their share of violent and extreme individuals and groups. (I must state that I have no interest to declare here - I believe in Marx.)

Were the IRA ever labelled as “Catholic terrorists” or the violent, racist militia that dot America’s Bible belt called ira.jpg“Protestant terrorists”? Were the centuries-old traditions of these faiths besmirched by categorising them “the religion of terrorism”? I think not.

The state of Israel was built on innocent Arab blood spilt by its terrorist founders, a tradition which their successors are loyally following as they go for the last heave-ho to kick the remaining Palestinians off their land. Did you ever hear said that Judaism is the religion of terrorists? The same applies to other religions. The absurdity and racism of calling on “moderate” Muslims to expose the “extremists” in their midst is immediately apparent when you ask yourself whether moderate Christians would be expected to “talk to” or expose their extreme brethren when they were involved in violent acts.

Holy War

The concept of jihad has also been used as scriptural evidence of Islam’s supposedly inherently violent and bloodthirsty nature. But jihad does not mean “holy war” in Islam; it is testament to the success of western propagandising that the term is now associated in the common imagination with “holy war”. In the Koran, jihad involves doing good works for salvation in the hereafter. Therefore, philanthropy is jihad, as is fasting and propagating the teachings of Muhammad.

Jihad can also extend to resisting oppression of other Moslems or when they are removed from their homeland by force - but only in cases where all peaceful means had been exhausted. It also forbids the taking of innocent life, and those of women and children. It expressly says that all who transgress this edict are damned. Jihad does not mean “holy war”, just as “sorrow” does not mean “bawling your eyes out”.

From the above, it can be argued that far from being the “religion of terrorism”, as we are being led to believe, Islam is a peaceful, moralistic and compassionate faith, no better or worse than others. The concept of “holy war” derives from Christianity, from the Old Testament, where God is a warrior god, a vengeful god, a god who fights for his people. And your place in heaven is assured as long as you fight for him. This is Jesus in Mathew 10:30: “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

christiansoldier.jpgThe papal conquest of states in central Italy in the 8th Century were justified as Holy War, as were the Crusades against the Moslems. Hence, according to JM Wallace Hadrill in Early Medieval History, Popes Leo IV and John VIII could assure their cross-bearing enforcers that “anyone who falls into battle against the [evil and godless] Muslims and dies in the faith shall by no means be denied entry into Heaven”. However, their seats in heaven were still reserved even if their victims happened to be co-religionists so long as they were fighting a “just war”.

Different Races, Creeds, Nationalities Co-exist

The word “terrorism” or “terrorist” is not in the Koran, but it condemns acts we would now classify as terrorism, such as 9/11, 7/7 and the ongoing Zionist slaughter of innocents in Occupied Palestine: “God does not forbid you from showing kindness and dealing justly with those who have not fought you about religion and have not driven you out of your homes, that you should show them kindness and deal justly with them. God loves just dealers.” (Koran 60:8) Islam also forbids the killing of Christians and Jews since, as “People of the Book”, they also believe in the teachings of the Prophet Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

By no means is it being claimed that this comparative study of Islam and Christianity is in anyway exhaustive. I am sure some eminent scholar or theologian could out-quote me here. It is just an attempt to demonstrate that the vogue for labelling Islam as the religion of terrorism is not only wrong, malicious and a blatant misrepresentation, but that it is also dangerous and divisive in today’s society, where different races, creeds and nationalities co-exits.

The Koran does indeed call on Muslims to resist oppression and become your brother’s and sister’s keeper, but somcveigh.jpg does Christianity, Judaism and other religions; you could also cite political and economic ideologies like socialism, communism and capitalism as belief systems that advocate resistance to oppression. In 1995 when Timothy McVeigh bombed the federal building in Oklahoma - even though the authorities knew that the radicalising influence of burgeoning rightwing, Christian militias and their fellow-travellers in the anti-abortion movement in the US had played a major role - politicians played dumb and there were no shrill voices calling Christianity “the religion of terrorism”.

Watch Out for the Dark Sleeping Giant - Africa

These double standards are making the world a very dangerous place. No-one is denying that the London and New York bombers were Muslims, or claiming that their actions were justified (though some will say that throughout the ages terrorism has been recognised as a form of protest and resistance). But it should be clear from the above that any true, traditional Muslim implicitly condemns their actions. And, if the Koran is anything to go by, they are eternally damned.

popeblair.jpgAs for Blair calling on Muslims to step up, what did he do when three years ago both his Pope and his Archbishop of Canterbury called on him not to go on the Iraq Muslim Shoot? He went, of course! So, if the heads of your religions can’t stop your terrorism, how are ordinary Muslims expected to stop heretical Muslims bent on destruction? And I will take the opportunity to ask why he has decided to convert to Catholicism? Could he by any chance be hoping to confess, and receive absolution for, crimes against humanity? Good move, for no earthly being has the power to set him free! Or, could he have been trying to deflect blame for 7/7? Fat chance!

However much the fearmongers call on “local communities” to rein-in their fiery youngbloods, it has to be recognised that the perceived injustices against Muslim and other societies is serving to radicalise not just Muslims but a lot of Christians, socialists and other groups, and that, in the end, something will have to give. Have the powers-that-be decided that, since they have no intention of ruling with the proverbial Wisdom of Solomon, the best course would be the violent pacification any threat to their World Order? The logic of imperialism suggests the latter, but the logic of resistance suggests the former. And while they’re at it, the Masters of the Universe had better keep an eye on the Dark Sleeping Giant that is Africa. We’re on the way!

Not a day goes by without the indiscriminate massacre of innocent Iraqis by sundry factions and the imperial occupiers, not to mention the more than 100,000 slaughtered by Bush and Blair in Operation Iraqi Liberation (Oil). The Zionists, for their part, are doing their bit for the American tag team, whose perceptible goal seems to be to kill as many Arabs and Muslims in this free-for-all jamboree whose effect can only be to make our world a more dangerous, unequal and uglier place.

Arise and Let the Resistance Begin

In Iran and North Korea, the nuclear stand-offs continue, with Iran in battle-readiness for an attack by either the US or Israel, as Kim Jong Il warily eyes the war vessels Bush has deployed just outside Korean waters in the aftermath that country’s controversial missile tests. Such is the state of current international tensions that it would not be surprising if it was used as cover from which to launch the much-expected strikes against Iran.

Observing all of this it is easy to forget that the world was a safer place before less than half the American electorate in their infinite wisdom chose to cast their ballots for the mental retard in the White House. It is perhaps true to say that some of what is happening now would not be without the inexcusable transgression that was 9/11. But it is equally true that the Iraq turkey-shoot was unwarranted. Many could understand Afghanistan, but not Iraq.

What should be evident here - and should be publicly acknowledged by western powerbrokers and their servile, sharonolmert.jpgintellectually-lazy media - is that the bombers of 7/7 and 9/11 are terrorists who just happened to be Muslim, just as McVeigh and Bush and Sharon and Olmert are terrorists who just happen to be Christians or Jews. If they don’t want to do that, then we as ordinary people, whose liberties are being daily eroded under cover of their figleaf of a bogus war, should hold them to account. This is an international struggle that can only succeed with the active participation of democrats and freedom-loving people in the west. Arise and let the resistance begin!

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