“The latest installment of “Letting Off Steam,” our occasional documentary series, this episode maintains that the chemical attack in Syria, on 21 August, was a ploy by Western imperialism to pave the way for the West to intervene and effect regime change in that country.”

That line was written three years ago.  It is as true today as it was then.

A short documentary film on the inspiring rebellion by a group of single mothers and their friends and supporters against the British state and its ideologically-driven agenda of austerity cuts aimed at the poor and disadvantaged in society.

This is the trailer for a documentary film we wanted to make in 2012 on the imperialist aggression against Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya.

When we sat down to write the documentary script, we realised there we could not figure out how the imperialist plot was orchestrated.  So we abandoned the project – temporarily.

We instead ended up writing a book on that imperialist plot, which solved the mystery of how Gaddai was killed and regime change achieved in Libya.  The film project is back on and we are seeking financial sponsors.

The President’s Pressmen was our first documentary feature, made in almost a decade ago.  It deals with media repression in Sierra Leone under the former government headed Ernest Koroma.

The film details systematic harassment and intimidation of media practitioners, including murder. 

With the recent inauguration of a new president in May 2018, it is hoped things will be better for press freedom under the government of Brig. Julius Maada Bio, rtd.

This is the concluding part of The President’s Pressmen.