The good ol' CIA we know and hate

One invaluable service the CIA have performed for us by pursuing their "torture flights" policy is to dispel the carefully-spun myth that they were essentially good guys forced to break the rules once in a while by virtue of the murky milieu in which the they are forced to operate.condi.jpg As she c ontinues her European tour, the Wicked Witch from the West - who we affectionately know as Dr Condi - may lie through her back teeth that the good old, freedom-loving US of A does not torture people, but we know better. This is despite the anodyne PR pap Hollywood has been reeling out on their behalf in recent years.

It reached a point where there was serious danger that such Hollywood-powered revisionism  on behalf of these assorted licensed killers and torturers was beginning to give these most quintessential of baddies an ill-deserved makeover – what with shows such as The Agency and Alias, the two cartoon programmes and sundry big-screen blockbusters. And before you knew what was happening, your kids would be playing "CIA goodies and Towelheads" instead of the more dependable "cops and robbers".

flight1.jpgThings were really getting nightmarish, you know; traumatic, even. There were times when I would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. How could such a notoriously blood-drenched secret army - which had a long and distinguished record in murders, political assassinations, torture and war-mongering all around the globe - be undergoing such an unlikely metamorphosis before our very eyes!
flight2.jpgIt was too good to be true. You just knew that something had to give. And it has. They have been killing and torturing all this while, like there was no tomorrow. It is so comforting to live in a world that you understand; to know that these devils in disguise are still up to their old dirty tricks.

Thanks, boys and girls. Keep up the good work. And God bless.