Brief to a mass murder defence attorney


saddam.jpgSaddam Hussein, former Lord of Iraq, sits in the dock, accused of unspeakable crimes against humanity. During his reign over all things Iraqi, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, tortured, murdered, disappeared, and many more fled into exile.

He is in the dock for crimes against humanity. All are agreed he will be found guilty. He will spend the rest of his life in a well-appointed prison cell. Or he will be killed, if the Americans have anything to do with it. I would never shake his hand. He is a bad man, a very bad man.


BUSH1.jpgGeorge W. Bush, Lord of All Earth, sits in the White House, accused of war crimes and the mass murder of at least 100,000 Iraqis. He launched an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation, an illegal blanket-bombing canmpaign that is arguably more atrocious than the bombing of Berlin during WW2.

Perhaps that is why he likened Hussein to Hitler: Hussein is as bad as Hitler; the allies bombed the hell out of Berlin to get rid of Hitler and were thanked for it; therefore, if we bomb the Iraqis to smithereens, we will be thanked for it. His troops have raped and tortured and killed and done worse to Iraqi insurgents (aka terrorists) and freedom fighters. He is a war criminal; but he will go scot-free, because American might is right. His troops raped and tortured Iraqis and used chemical weapons against them. He is a very religious man. He is a bad man, a very bad man.


blairbush.jpgTony Blair (right) sits in 10 Downing Street, the puppy dog and recruiting sergeant for our second subject. He falsified documents to justify the said mass, cold-blooded murder of over 100,000 Iraqi men, women and children, many of whom died cowering under their beds, unable to fathom why such gruesome death was being visited upon them.

A victim of vanity, he took his reluctant nation into an imperialist war of agression against an innocent people. He sent an open invitation to terrorists to kill his own people. Hussein is a mass murderer; Bush is a mass murderer. Therefore, this subject is also a mass murderer. But, as he is an honourable man, he will also go scot-free. Nonetheless, he is a bad man, a very bad man.


annan.jpgKofi Annan can be found at UN HQ in New York, New York. As secretary general, he rightly said the imperialist war of aggression was illegal. Some said he behaved honourably, but others felt he blotted is copy book by, as it were, biting the fingers that had been feeding him.

So, said powerful fingers went to work, and dug up the dirt on him - or, rather, his son. Some say they've got more dirt on him. So he has now fallen silent. The Wretched of the Earth have lost another voice. He used to be a good man; he used to be an honourable man. He is very quiet now. He has turned. Who will speak up for this subject when his own time comes? Will there be anyone left? What a fucking shame!