Chaos: the answer to the Palestinian Question

Ahmadinezhad.jpgYour favourite blogger is on record as saying it would not be a bad thing if Iran were to acquire a nuclear weapon. I am also guilty of having said that His Excellency The President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is a deranged so-and-so whose ambition to go nuclear should be prevented.

Well, as is my prerogative, I would like to go on record as a recanter. I have changed my mind, again.

Dear reader, you may ask why, as is your prerogative. And, as is my duty, I will have to give my reasons for this sudden about-turn. Well, my I-hope-friend, the reasons for this radical change can be summed up in one word: chaos.

I am aware there is a chaos theory propounded by scientists and political theorists, but I have deliberately refrained from googling it for the simple reason that I want to hold forth on my answer to the Palestinian Question free from any encumbrances that adhering to academic formulations will present. And - this is the beauty of blogging - no editor is going to spike my piece as a consequence!

It is not being claimed that this answer to the Palestinian Question is novel. If I have been able to conceive of it, then others - not least Mr Ahmadinejad - could well have. But before I delve into its details, it is necessary to recap on the situation-as-is.

First of all - and by no stretch of the imagination am I being apologetic here - good riddance to Sharon. His master-sharon.jpgstroke of a brainchild, the Kadima party, with Ehud Olmert at the helm, has gained political ascendancy in Israel and the Occupied Territories and is now spearheading his bantustanic vision of stealing Palestinian land in the name of security. Hamas, the legitimate choice of Palestinian democracy, is in “power” in Gaza and other dismembered echelons of what the so-called civilised world of Tony Blair and his son-of-a-Bush have all but decreed will be the Palestinian “state” of legend.

Since its victory at the ballot box, Hamas has been treated as a pariah by the West, who have refused it any meaningful financial and humanitarian aid in a cynical ploy to pressure them into recognising Israel and renouncing violence.

Second of all, it is a truism that you do not give up your trump cards without getting something in return. Should Hamas just roll over in front of the Israeli juggernaut? Methinks not. It stands to reason that the only situation in which Hamas could be expected to give up these negotiating positions - for that is what they essentially are - is one in which the Israelis agree to vacate stolen land in return.

In the case of renouncing violence, why should Hamas pledge to negate their right to self-defence when Israel is not being asked, is not required to, and will definitely not give up its incursions against the Palestinians. Israeli attacks against Palestinian “terrorists” are on-going as I write. This is state terrorism, but the “civilised world” of B-liar and that son-of-a-Bush would like us to believe that Israel is the beleaguered entity that needs to be defended against the Palestinian hordes.

Which brings us to His Excellency Ahmadinejad. In his recent letter to his American counterpart, the Iranian leader asked whether a “civilised world” could countenance the wrongs that were being perpetrated against the Palestinian people. No, a civilised world would not tolerate it. Therefore, according to simple logic, this is not a civilised world. To be more precise, the West is not a civilised world. You should read the letter. Just google the London Guardian for a copy. The piece is an indictment of the West and their double standards against Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth.

Iran’s determination to go nuclear is a good thing, especially for the Palestinian Question. It would bring peace to the Middle East. Just think about it. Imagine a Muslim state in the middle East with the Bomb, and the “calming” effect that would have on Israel and its expansionist ambitions.

There has been no major conflagration in the Indian sub-continent since Pakistan and India acquired the Bomb. That is because both parties realise that it would be MAD - mutual assured destruction. The reason Israel has not been attacked in recent times by the Arabs is because its “enemies” have taken cognisance of its nuclear capabilities. It therefore follows that any country in the region that has a nuclear option would serve to temper the legendary aggressiveness of the Israeli state against Palestine and the Middle East.

A nuclear-armed Iran would have the effect of bringing home to the Zionists that their tit will be met with an equal tat. They will simmer down and a just peace would be achieved. The emphasis here is on “just”. A just peace. Just think: Would the recently elected Ohlmert be forcing his so-called “peace” ultimatum on the Palestinians if a nuclear-armed Iran was part of the Middle Eastern scenery? I think not.

This, inevitably, bring us to the reason why the West is so opposed to Iran going nuclear. The very, very powerful Jewish lobby - shoot me, for this makes me “anti-Semitic” - in both the US and the UK want a Jewish state in most of Palestine. But they know they can not have it. So, they try for the next best thing: Cherry-picking fertile bits of Palestinian land through the brilliant devise of “settlements” for new immigrants from the diaspora, in other words, creating facts on the ground. And the so-called “civilised world” turns a blind eye - and the media bombard us with words and images of Palestinian “terrorists” (freedom fighters in my book).

BUSH1.jpgSo what if Iran gets the bomb and bombs Israel? And Israel retaliates. So what? We would have other Grounds Zero. And my chaos theory would come into play. The world, “civilised” or otherwise, would realise that a just settlement was required and would deploy the necessary resources to facilitate it. That should be the natural reaction. If, however, the “civilised” world decides that the “towel heads” had gone too far this time, they may just “nuke” the Iranians - and then their game plan would be revealed.

Then the “uncivilised” world would be able to see what the West has been up to all these years, as now it is only us extremists who can see the light. Yes, Iranians, Israelis and Palestinians would perish in the nuclear inferno, no to mention millions more from the fallout in the Middle East and elsewhere. But there will eventually by a just settlement, for the world would realise, just as they did in the case of the blacks in South Africa, that humans should be treated as humans.

That son-of-a-Bush is not really as stupid as we sometimes make him out to be. The invasion and subsequent massacre of Iraqis was a variant of “my” chaos theory. He invaded, massacred and allowed the pieces fall as they may, hoping that Middle Eastern oil would fall under American control and that the Palestinian question would be solved in the Zionists’ favour. He miscalculated - and his gullible people are now reaping the whirlwind.

I write this as a Palestinian. I am a Palestinian. My enthusiasm for truth and justice would not have allowed me to palchildren.jpgwrite otherwise. And I hope that you, dear reader, will at the very least resolve to speak up for Palestine in your daily life. And realise that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, fundamentalist, etc, is not as evil as B-Liar and his son-of-a-Bush, who have over 100,000 lives under their belts.