Move if you want - I ain’t budging

massacre.jpgMost people, at one or several points in their lives, have been accused of having one-track minds. I have a confession to make: I have a one-track mind. And it is totally focused on Iraq and the war of aggression by Bush-Blair against its people that saw the mass murder of at least 100,000 innocents.

The thought - my one-track-mindedness, that is - suddenly occurred to me recently as I was reading an item which mentioned in passing how some of us on the left had become fixated on the “Iraq War” to the exclusion of all else, and had not “moved on”. It put me in mind of Bush-Blair imploring people to “move on” from, and “draw a line” under, Iraq.

And I recalled some Labour Party people and commentators saying that, for good or ill, the “war” was now over and Hussein had been removed. We should all therefore now concentrate on helping the Iraqis rebuild their lives and keeping David Cameron out of Downing Street come the next election.

Dump Mr B-liar

My position is that if Labour feels that Iraq is going to lose them the election, then they should drop Mr B-liar like a hot potato. Or should that be "drop him like a primed improvised explosive device"?

If one  can be allowed to borrow from Mrs T, “You can move if you want. This guy is not for moving. I ain’t budging. Period.(1)” Why should we move on? And I am not drawing any lines under anything either - you can draw  lines all you want! It simply beggars belief that we should be expected to just sweep all of that mindless slaughter, and the hypocrisy and hubris and the inhumanity and duplicity under the carpet. Like it never happened. Yeah, they’re only Arabs, right?

At least, even if the voters in the US and UK - of which I am not one - are minded to move on and draw lines, then the insurgents and terrorists of that benighted country won’t allow them to get off that easy. A great crime was committed against Iraq and humanity and its perpetrators must never be allowed to forget it - and the sheer enormity of what was done in the name of freedom and democracy precludes forgiveness.

And some on the left have even got in on the act. I recently heard of a something called the Euston Manifesto group - “a group of prominent British democrats and progressives” - who have come out in favour of that “war”.

“Is it because they is powerful?”

They want us to move on; they interpret the anti-war stance as support for Hussein’s despotism, and classify disagreement with their views as “anti-Americanism”. That is all I know about them. That is enough for me. And, frankly my dear, eBeefs, as Maggie (2) would say, does not want to give them the oxygen of publicity - they are perfectly capable of generating their own.

On a related note, however, we now formally launch the Stockwell Manifesto - named after the spot where Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, the well-known terrorist mastermind and bloodbrother of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was executed by police. Simultaneously, we announce the formation of the Haditha Study Group and the Fallujah Faction, whose aims are to spread the principles and practices of freedom, democracy and human rights to all the world. Any one interested should get in touch.

At a time when ex-Liberian leader Charles Taylor has been indicted for crimes against humanity for his role in taylor.jpgthe Sierra Leone civil war, and some are calling for Gadaffy - his one-time sponsor - to face a similar fate, it is mystifying that some people would want us to forget the crimes of Bush-Blair in Iraq. Now, over to Ali G: “Is it because they is powerful? Is it because they is white?(3)"


1. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once famously said at a Conservative Party Conference, "You turn if you want. The lady's not for turning".

2. A reference to Mrs Thatcher.

3. Ali G is a British comic, one of whose catchphrases is, "Is it because I is black?".