Logic: cut-out-and-keep syllogisms


1. Israel has a nuclear deterrent, which it uses to threaten its neighbours.  war.jpg

Iran, one of these neighbours, wants to acquire a nuclear weapon.

The best defence against nuclear attack is to have a deterrent of your own.

Therefore, Iran should get the bomb.


2. The Nucluear Non-Proleferation Treaty holds that nuclear nations should disarm.

The belligerent nation of Israel refuses to get rid of its bomb.

Iran, under constant threat of attack by Israel, is looking to buy one of its own.

Therefore, Iran should go ahead with its plans.


3. Israel claims its arsenal is for self-defence. But Israel has a history of attacking others.

Iran claims its nuclear intentions are for economic reasons.

Iran has not attacked its neighbours in the past.

Therefore, it is more likely that Iran is more truthful, given precedent.


4. The upholders of the NPT have threatened Iran for attempting to go nuclear.                sharon war.jpg

These self-same Western upholders uphold belligerent Israel’s right to have the Bomb.

Double-standards means being partial in your dealings.

Therefore, the West is operating double standards against Iran.


5. Iraq was attacked and massacred in 2003 because the West claimed it had WMDs.

We know it did not. We knew it did not.

Israel has WMDs - and even the fish know it.

Therefore, Israel should be required to disarm - or be attacked in similar fashion.

But it will never happen.

Therefore, this is double standards.


6. Civilised people do not attack and massacre innocent people based on Big White Lies.

The West lied that Iraq had WMDs.

The West massacred over 100,000 Iraqis in 2003 based on said Big White Lie.

Therefore, the West is not civilised.


7. Western imperialists are going to discipline their soldiers for murdering innocent Iraqis.

The death sentence is applicable for crimes against humanity.

B-Liar and that son-of-a-Bush mass-murdered over 100,000 innocent Iraqis.

What you do to the goose you must do to the gander.

Therefore, B-Liar and that son-of-a-Bush must face the death penalty.


8. Hussein is facing the death penalty for crimes against humanity.

B-Liar and that son-of-a-Bush have committed far worse crimes against humanity.

Therefore, B-Liar and that son-of-a-Bush must also face the death penalty.


9. If you provide a murder weapon you are complicit in the crime.

US Defense Secretary Rumsfeld provided the weapons Hussein used in his crimes.

Accomplices before and after the fact are tried alongside the perpetrator.

Therefore, good ol‘, folksy Rummy should be in the dock alongside his old buddy.


10. You are mad if you can see realities others in the civilised world can not perceive.

I can see the above realities which the civilised world can not see.

Therefore, I am one very loopy savage.