Tony Blair for UN Secretary General

annan.jpgI got a real scare today on the bus, reading a newspaper item about Mr T B Liar angling to become Kofi Annan’s successor. I have heard and read of people saying that their hearts missed a beat on being suddenly confronted with some scary news. This was the first time I experienced it.

Only today Annan was under pressure to “repudiate” statements by his deputy that the US was being hypocritical in its dealings with the world body. He diplomatically declined to do so. And his stock may have risen a notch or two as a consequence.

Just imagine what would have happened if we had a Secretary General Blair. Not only would he have apologised profusely to Emperor George P W (Perpetual War) Bush, he would have gone out of his way to spearhead a new resolution to wipe the mad mullahs off the face of the earth!

This is the man who concocted “evidence” that Iraq - at a time when it posed no threat whatsoever to the “civilised world” - could launch nuclear weapons in 45 minutes flat. This is the man who participated in the mass murder of 100,000 Iraqis at the prompting of the Master of the Universe.

Moreover, this is the man whose proxy - cabinet minister John Reid - was only a few months ago floating the idea of “reforming” the UN system, to allow for slacker rules for military attacks against sovereign states not inclined following Western dictates. As luck would have it, Mr Liar said at his monthly press conference that he had no interest in the soon-to-be-vacant UN top-job. Phew! That was close.

But, can we believe him? This “serial reformer” who has done so much “reforming” in his own country that its health, criminal justice and educational systems are in disarray? The economy seems to be holding up, for the very simple reason that he has not been able to get his paws on it. We all know that. Do we really want him to bring his penchant for “reform” to the UN system? He will reform all of us into the next world war. With apologies to UB40, if that happens, I will seriously consider topping myself.