George Bush executed today

By Lahai J Samboma

revolutionaryjustice.jpgCapital City -- George Bush Jr, the former president of the now defunct dictatorship of the United States of America, was executed twenty minutes ago at Capital City’s Marx Correctional Facility. He was hung by the neck until he was dead.

The welcome death of the most hated man on the planet comes just two months after the victorious forces of the Socialist International took power - after one of the most bloody battles in the popular struggle against the international fascist dictatorship of Bush-Blair and their imperialist foot soldiers.

Bush, along with co-defendants Blair of Britain, Hussein of Iraq and the Zionist Olmert, were last week found guilty by the People’s Supreme Tribunal of crimes against humanity in Iraq and Palestine, genocide-by-IMF in Africa, and of taking the long-suffering people of the world for fools. His co-conspirators will join Bush in Hell as soon as their appeals against their death sentences are over.

Mama Williams, a popular local comrade who led the assault against Capital City’s Central Police Station during the revolution, said: “This is a glorious day. As you can see, I am crying with joy. I wish I could have wrung his neck with these strong hands. I can’t wait to see the others swing. Power to the People.”