This war is a Zionist crime

By Lahai J Samboma

palestine.jpgIsrael is beleaguered by the Arab and Muslim states of the Middle East. It is rightly defending itself against aggression by the terrorists in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Iran. It is enforcing UN resolutions calling for the cessation of hostilities and the disarming of the Hizbolla. It will never have security unless both Hizbolla and Hamas disarm. Should I go on?

The sophistry currently doing the international rounds would be risible were the consequences of Zionist aggression that it justifies not so tragic for both the Palestinians and, now, the Lebanese. It should be clear to all with eyes to see that the gross violations that have been perpetrated by Olmert and the Israeli army in the last two weeks or so tantamount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

In Africa there is a saying that when a parent tells their child to go commit a burglary, said urchin will begin the task by boldly kicking down the victim’s front door. Both the American dad and the almost-senile British aunt have given carte blanche to the delinquent Israeli brat. Hence the blatant hypocrisy of their calls for “both sides” to show restraint. They are now making noises about sending in an “international stabilisation force”.

Bush will win Nobel Peace Prize

An international force to put a stop to Zionist aggression? Yeah, right. Pigs can fly - and Bush will win the Nobel Prize for peace and joined-up thinking!

As they and the corporate media establishment peddle their fictional narratives of the events bloodily unfolding stateterror.jpgin the Middle East, the master sophists deliberately fail to mention that for over a year Hamas stuck to a unilateral ceasefire which Israel refused to recognise. It continued its attacks against the Palestinians, in tandem with stealing more land under the guise of building a “security” wall. Hamas “resisted” with home-made rockets, forced to call-off their ceasefire because of Israeli attacks.

It is disingenuous to place the blame for the current hostilities at the door of the democratically-elected Hamas government. There was never a peace waiting to be broken. Low-level hostilities was the name of the game. The Hamas incursion into Israel and the capture of the IDF corporal three weeks ago was just another skirmish in an ongoing state of non-peace. The Israeli reaction was therefore disproportionate.

stateterror2.jpgIf the Zionist government can kidnap and imprison thousands of Palestinians, why should the Hamas government be excluded from such a “privilege”. To the Israelis, Hamas soldiers are terrorists and are fair game; to the Palestinians, Zionist soldiers are terrorists - and the same rules should apply. To hold a contrary view is both racist and Islamophobic, especially at a time when it is patently clear that the Zionists don’t want a just peace. They want peace but only on their own terms - an outcome that, self-evidently, can only be achieved by crushing all Palestinian and Arab opposition to its designs for Greater Israel covering most of Occupied Palestine.

See-no-evil, Hear-no-evil Friends of Israel

The capture of a further two Israeli soldiers by the Lebanese-based Hizbolla, and the subsequent escalation in hostilities, can be directly attributed to Israel’s disproportionate use of force against the Palestinians. It defies reason that the politicians and generals directing operations from Tel Aviv could have expected their impunity against Gazans, so close to the Lebanese border - and the Hezbollah - would go unchallenged. People go to each other’s aid in times of war, and this should be seen as no different - UN resolution or not. If it was the other way round and Israel was being attacked by superior Arab force, what would western countries have done? (And, it should not be forgotten that there are also Lebanese in Israeli jails.)

The see-no-evil, speak-no-evil friends of Israel cite the failure to abide by UN resolution 1559, which called for the disarming of Hizbolla, as justification for Israel’s state terrorism against Lebanon. Even Israel, which has cynically ignored and violated countless UN resolutions, is now claiming to be enforcing 1559. Putting aside the fact that the Lebanese government is not strong enough to disarm its militant partner-in-government, why should they leave themselves at the mercy of Israeli attack?

Forget the West’s pro-Zionist corollary of Hamas-bashing - withholding diplomatic and financial support. Forget boy.jpgthe requirement for Hamas, but not Israel, to renounce violence. Forget the claim that the Lebanese “brought this on themselves”. The partisanship of the so-called “international community” has been brought into bolder relief by the recent statement of the G8 countries, including Russia, blaming the crisis on terrorists in Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Occupied Palestine. It is being constantly banged into our thick heads that Iran and Syria finance and arm Hizbolla, and that the “attack on Israel” had been planned and directed from Tehran and Damascus.

By the same token, one could say that the state terrorists in Israel were financed, trained and armed by state terrorists in North America. The military hardware used by Hizbolla may be from Iran and Syria; that used by militant Zionism unquestionably comes from Uncle Sam.

Fantastic Claim

All these accusations being hurled at Tehran and Damascus could be aimed at softening-up international opinion for an Israeli strike against Iran, an eventuality that many believed would happen this summer. Such further escalation, in all probability, could only happen after the softer target of Damascus is attacked, for going straight on to Iran would make the Zionists intentions very clear to all. That is, that this fantastic claim, that it had launched its murderous Arab-punishing adventure to rescue one soldier, was but a ruse to hide its real intention: to bomb Tehran out of the waiting lounge of the exclusive Nuclear Club.

resistance.jpgAnd, as Tehran has promised dire consequences if Syria is attacked, Israel would be able to claim that it was defending itself if Iran fires the first shot. This would fit well with America’s strategic goals in the region, as Bush is too hobbled at the moment by Iraq and domestic concerns to deal with the Mad Mullahs himself.

If the Zionists’ paymasters in Washington really wanted a just and lasting settlement of the Palestinian Question - the root of all evil in the Middle East - they would impose their will: get all sides to renounce violence and exchange prisoners of war, get Israel to revert to its 1967 borders, and help Palestine become a viable state alongside Israel. It’s as simple as that. Really.