The Red-Indianization of Palestine

By Lahai J Samboma

A man comes to your house, beats you up and kicks you and your family out of your home. Even though you are prepared to share your large-ish estate with him. All you ask is that he builds his own house in another part of the estate. He will have none of it; he wants everything.

He then brings his family in and banishes you to the most inhospitable tract of the estate. They are having a ball, partying, inviting friends over. You can hear the music and dancing, smell the food. When you complain he beats you up. Then he decides to invite some family to come live with him. He decides he will settle the new arrivals on the little bit of land you have by now resigned yourself to.

So he decides to build a fence going right through your ever-decreasing patch of ground, further easing you out. When you complain to the local chief, he sides with the the violent usurper. For good measure, Chief blames you for the problem, and says you are the violent one. You should stay in your little corner and not complain, if you want peace.

The chief gives the violent man lots of shotguns - against your pitiful spears. Your wife and children, meanwhile, go hungry because you have no farmland. Your children are restless, disrespectful; your wife abandons you. You have lost your manhood. The usurper kills a many of your children because they threw stones at his nice house. Are you supposed to suffer in silence?

This is obviously an over-simplification, but it is the kernel of the Palestinian Question. It is like apartheid; it is the red-indianization of Palestine. These same people who defend Israel so blindly, did they applaud when Mugabe seized land from white farmers? Would you support Mbeki kicking the whites out of South Africa tomorrow? Palestinians are human too.