Pro-Zionist appeasement

By Lahai J Samboma

stateterror3.jpgI have been blogging elsewhere again! But, being a faithful sort of guy, I have dutifully reproduced here my humble input into the deliberations: How stupid of me! To be so naive as to attribute such a loaded phrase as "war criminal of Baghdad" to you. (Stupid, stupid, stupid me!)

It should have been clear to me that people who regard Iraq as a war crime and those who provide beyond-reason support to Zionist aggression are mutually-exclusive groups.

That is as close to a natural law as one can have. If there are any out there with one foot in both categories, please show your hands, so we can refine this theory pronto.

Your "sympathy" for the Zionist state is akin to that of some Africans who support Mugabe irrespective of his appalling record in government: "He is a bad man, but why do you think the whites hate him so? He may have questionable policies, but we should support him because his heart is in the right place. And he is black."

Liberals like you would be the first to crucify all such Mugabe-sympathisers. Please correct me if I am wrong.

You talk about wanting a two-state solution and of the "sort of neighbours" Israel has. There is nothing wrong with the neighborhood. The problem lies with the western-backed bully that does not want a "partner for peace" in Palestine, but slobberingly lusts for a submissive harlot it can shaft mercilessly - and be thanked for it afterwards!

Oops! That bit of gratutious infanitlity just slipped out. I promise to be on good behaviour henceforth.

We all want a two-state solution. The question is: do the Zionists? Does Olmert and the so-called "left" such as Peretz? Methinks not. What the Zionists - and their supporters, given their craven succour for it - want is a "1-3/4 and 1/4 state" solution. And your support will ensure they get it in the end. No doubt, after gadzillion gallons of Arab/Muslim blood has been used to tend the ground.

I suppose you would like for the Palestinians to sit in their corner like good little boys and girls and accept whatever inhospitable patch of ground the Zionist masters deem fit to dole out to them.

They should resist - and it is right and proper, even moral, for their Muslim brethren assist them in their just cause. Just as the west - and people like yourself - support the Zionists in their amoral ambition for a Greater Israel.

You are on the money when you say that "this debate is often too polarised". So, I won't polarise it any further. I'll just ask you a simple question, and then we can take it from there. I believe it will take things to a qualitatively higher level.

If Israel were to be forced by its "friends" to withdraw to its 1967 borders and a viable Palestinian state established, what would these distasteful neighbours do to destablise it that warrants the barbaric, so-called "pre-emption" we witness on our tv screens every bloody f**king day?