Yo, Bush! It’s you, stupid!

By Lahai J Samboma

surgical strike.jpgThe swaggering simpleton, his features half-frozen in that ridiculous smirk of the clueless nincompoop, lets slip to a credulous, beholden media that Syria and Iran are “responsible for this shit”. And, lo and behold, that is the message that is dutifully relayed to the world - and there is hardly a discernable tongue in any cheek as this unadulterated clap-trap is transmitted.

So, having been given the green light by Bush and Blair, the Zionist terror apparatus continues to lay waste the people and infrastructure of Lebanon, a sovereign nation. This frightening exercise of raw military power we see on our screens everyday can by no stretch of the imagination be characterised as a case of Israel “defending itself from terrorism”.

This wanton destruction is the work of one man. He sits at the apex of an axis of evil incorporating Zionist hawks, a craven British political class, America’s military-industrial complex, end-time Christian fundamentalists and a bought-and-paid-for media establishment. It is not the work of so-called Muslim terrorists.

It’s the “Shit” of One Man

loopy.jpgIt is the “shit” of one man - and his name is Bush. Yo, Bush! It’s you, stupid! This man is a clear and present danger to the security of the world.

The really surprising thing in all of this is that some people had naively expected the US to act as an honest broker in this rapidly-escalating conflict. I have written before that the perceived threat of a nuclear-armed Iran could see the Islamic state attacked before the summer is out. The current asymmetrical war against Lebanon must be seen in this context. Every day that passes brings that prospect much closer to realisation.

Bogged down in the Vietnam that is Iraq, humiliated by the nuclear stalemate on the Korean peninsula and having vietnambog.jpgalmost run-up its war-credit with “my fellow Americans”, the oaf in the Oval Office has sub-contracted the job of pacification of the Muslim tribes of the Middle East to its loyal proxy, Israel.

Any doubts on this score should have been assuaged by the recent announcement that the US was supplying more missiles to the Zionist entity. And this from a country that only days ago had been making much of the fact that the Hizbolla were receiving military and financial support from Iran and Syria!

The West’s Greatest Geopolitical Threats - Iran and Syria

The US politician Newt Gingrich some days ago claimed that the Third World War had already started, and that it was all because of “Islamic terrorists” in the Middle East. I don’t know about WWIII, but I do know that the current bloodletting in the region was started by state terrorists in the Washington and Tel Aviv. And the chances of it ending without the strategic goal of degrading Tehran’s putative nuclear capability do not look good.

The reason given by Israel for its current offensive is that Hizbolla’s seizure of two of its soldiers was an act of war. In weeks or months to come, that may come to be seen as the pretext for a Washington-backed wider conflagration to trim the wings of the west’s greatest geopolitical threats in the region - Iran and Syria.

stateterror3.jpgReasons for supposing that this conflict will not be a short one are manifold. First, Israel has got carte blanche - and the military wherewithal - to do as it pleases. Second, western countries are evacuating their citizens from Lebanon. Third, if Syria is attacked by Israel - and there are indications that could happen - Iran would enter the fray, as the two Middle East allies have a mutual defence pact.

There is also the fact that both Israel and the US would see anything short of seriously denting the military capabilities and prestige of those two regimes as failure. The longer this crisis drags on, the more the likelihood of a wider conflict looms. And if a wider war ensues, it is also a very distinct possibility that the US will become an active combatant.

My Brainwashed Fellow Americans

It is one thing for the Americans to launch an attack on Iran and Syria under its own standard. As I have mentioned before, it would be a very problematic move. However, entering a war to “defend” an Israel “beleaguered” by Arab and Muslim “fundamentalist” regimes, would see my brainwashed “fellow Americans” falling over themselves in their rush to support Bush in yet another imperialist expedition.

The only thing that can prevent all-out war is if current diplomatic moves by the UN and other parties succeed. That, however, looks a forlorn hope given the pitiful response of Kofi Annan, who many in the Middle East will not perceive as an honest broker, but rather as the mouthpiece of an “international community” that has abandoned them to an uncertain fate.

The world has become a more dangerous and uglier place since this swaggering simpleton of a president and his band of neocon puppeteers were allowed to hijack the White House. It will ever remain so as long as he remains president. Where is a Jackal when you need one?