Racism, resistance and Islamophobia

By Lahai J Samboma

islamic resistance.jpgI have just read a brilliant analysis of the machinations of US imperialist hegemony as it attempts, with the collaboration of expansionist Zionism, to pacify the misbehaving Muslim tribes of the Middle East and secure their energy resources. It was on a blog and, very predictably, it elicited a torrent of hostile responses from apologists for the gross rights violations being committed against the people there by America’s proxy Zionist army.

However, instead of taking issue with the writer’s powerful thesis - that Washington was directing operations in the Middle East theatre of massacre - most of the writer’s detractors went for attacks against his person, or his political affiliations. And they revealed themselves to be unprincipled supporters of the Zionist apartheid regime who would justify anything that regime does.

It is increasingly becoming apparent to me that this blind support in the west for the injustices that are being perpetrated against people in the Middle East is deeply rooted in racism and Islamophobia, in the "fear of the other". The strategy of Bush-Blair to manufacture an identity between terrorism and Islam, and its regurgitation by a complicit media establishment, seems to be paying-off handsomely.

There Will Always Be Resistance To Oppression

Even people who call themselves leftists or socialists have also got in on the act. There is no doubt that there are those in the Islamic World who would want to impose theocratic rule on a global scale if they had half a chance. Thankfully, they are a miniscule minority and the chances of that happening are slim to nonexistent.

I was born in a society that is roughly half Christian and half Muslim. And we have lived peacefully with each other, with none trying to force their convictions on the other. Let me elaborate on that: There been conflict - and bloody ones at that - but there has never been a religious dimension to any of them.

What is unmistakeable is that there will always be resistance and opposition to injustice and oppression. The character of that resistance or opposition will, by its very nature, be influenced by the particular social circumstances and locale. Is it so strange, then, for resistance against perceived oppression in Muslim societies to assume characteristics that are peculiar to those societies?

Resistance to US imperialism in Latin America was informed by circumstances particular to that region, not leastmaumau.jpg their leftist and Bolivarian traditions. In Africa, the Mau Mau did not have religion to turn to - colonialism had wiped out their religious culture - so they dug deep into what remained of their traditions of secret societies. In the the Middle East there is an Islamic tradition of mutual aid and resistance to oppression.

A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

Why should they re-invent the wheel? They already have a body of thought that provides them with a mechanism of resistance that is indigenous to them. It is presumptious of white society - and yes, it IS white society - to dictate how others should live or fight against oppression. So what if the Koran can be interpreted to say what so-called fundamentlist theologians want it to say? The bible instructs believers to kill homosexuals, so how many have you killed today?

The phenomenon of suicide bombing originated from the Far East; it was not an Islamic construction. It was a pragmatic adaptation by Muslim fighters because of its proven effectiveness against overwhelmingly superior force. In time other, more western-approved methods may be incorporated into their arsenals. This is not a justification for any methods of struggle; just a statement of what-is. This irrational fear of the marauding, self-combusting Muslim horde is both myopic and unproductive. A little more tough-love for American-Zionist imperialism would not be amiss.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to see that the gross human rights violations and oppression being committed against the Palestinians and Lebanese will further radicalise the whole region and serve to further drive a despairing people into the waiting embrace of the self-same bogeymen western policy claims it aims to isolate. A self-fulfilling prophesy or a self-defeating policy?