"Peace plan" is Zionist/Neocon plot

By Lahai J Samboma

condi.jpgThe hubris of the woman was a must-see. There she was, addressing the cheap harlots of the assembled media, new war criminal Olmert by her side. Those with any doubts concerning America’s complicity in the ongoing Middle East turkey shoot got their rude awakening. “We want a different kind of Middle East,” Dr Condi said. “We will prevail. They will not.”

Very succinctly-put. Yes, the Wicked Witch of the West had finally landed in Jerusalem - and was now mixing her evil broth. No pretence at peace-making diplomacy, no obfuscation, just plain old-fashioned, straight-to-the-point realpolitik. Yes, we are supporting Israel. They may kill as many people as they want, when they want and for as long as they want. We will pacify the misbehaving tribes - and there is nothing you can do about it. There, suck on that!

As the US secretary of state and her Western and Arab counterparts make self-serving noises about deploying to Lebanon an “international stabilisation force”, it is instructive to note that they are only suggesting this should happen after Israel has “finished the job” of crushing Hezbollah. For “Israel finishing the job”, read: after more women and children have been massacred with US-provided war planes and tanks.


But despite their wet dreams of Israel crushing the Hizbolla resistance movement, recent reports - even those from a biased corporate media - indicate that the Zionist apartheid troops are having a hard time of it. The resistance fighters, thanks to arms supplied by Syria and Iran, are putting up a brave fight and have made impressive gains against the invaders in southern Lebanon.

This resilience has impressed even their most implacable critics. One implication here is that we may yet see the resistance1.jpgZionist expansionist regime upping up the bloody tempo by deploying precision-guided missiles the US has only recently been delivering to them. But be that as it may, it is difficult to see how Israel can force a military defeat on this amorphous, wily and well-armed guerrilla army. It could not achieve it throughout the 1980s and there is no over-riding reason to suppose it would do so this time.

It should by now be clear that this war of attrition was initiated by the Zionist apartheid regime with the active collusion of Washington. Sundry sources have corroborated this and a quick google search will yield the relevant results.

This two-front war has three primary objectives: first, to crush or severely-degrade both the Hizbolla and the democratically-elected Hamas-led government in Palestine; second, to ingrain into the collective Arab/Muslim consciousness by sheer military force that the Palestinian question will only be resolved on Zionist terms; third, they hope that both Syria, and especially Iran, can be drawn into a wider conflagration, thus presenting an opportunity to degrade their military capabilities and strike a crippling blow at the Islamic Republic’s suspected nuclear arms facilities, with highly-probable US entry into the war on the pretext of “helping Israel defend itself”.


Aside from neutralizing the nuclear threat from Iran, one of the main things in it for Uncle Sam is that a strike against Iran could trigger a chain reaction that would see the mad mullahs removed, and that their influence on the Shi’ites and the current bloodletting in neighbouring Iraq would also be neutralised.

resistance.jpgThat is the overall strategy, but it is by no means certain that’s how it will play on the ground. That is the problem with all well-made plans that have humans and their sometimes unpredictable behaviour as variables. Hizbolla is proving hard, if not impossible to beat; Hamas, on the other hand, may seem like easy pickings, but it is questionable whether it will cease to exist as a political force in occupied Palestine: paradoxically, this latest Zionist offensive may make it more attractive to its people. In the short-term, continuing hostilities will only result in the decimation of Palestinian and Lebanese people and infrastructure.

It is now being claimed that international condemnation of its wilful destruction of Lebanese people and polity hasmyboy.jpg made the Zionist entity more amenable to the stationing of this so-called “stabilization force” on the Lebanese side of the border. Try another one, I say. In the first place, the impunity with which this apartheid state has operated before - and is doing now, with to-the-hilt US backing - makes this claim very implausible.


A more likely explanation is that this grand neocon/Zionist plan may be coming apart at the first hurdle, Hizbolla. It is just possible that, because such stiff resistance from this resistance movement had not been factor’d into their calculus of murderous aggression, they have had to go back to the drawing board. Hence, the talk of this international force that is supposed to come between the Israeli forces and those of Hizbolla. What has given the game away is the desire of those who refuse to call Israel’s actions state terrorism calling for this “stabilization force” to be mandated to disarm the resistance movement.

They want this force “to have teeth”, to have rules of active engagement. In other words, from the word go the force.jpgplan has faltered and Israel’s state terrorist juggernaut is being hobbled. Therefore, the next best thing is to get a partisan, by-definition anti-Hezbollah “neutral” force to come in and achieve their objective for them. The Hizbolla, the Lebanese government, the Syrians and Iran should resist this by all means.

This is tantamount to blackmail of the Lebanese people. They are essentially saying: “We will not call off the Israeli dogs of war and they will continue killing you like animals until you agree to this international force.” If there is to be a ceasefire, then bring it on, without any preconditions. It is the Americans and their supine puppy-dog Blair that say terrorists should not benefit from their actions. Then why should Israel be allowed to benefit from its state terrorism? This is not only extortion; it is double standards of the highest order.


Hizbolla and the Lebanese government should hold firm. The damage is already done. They should stand firm with the Palestinians. The Iranian and Syrian regimes should not give-in to instinctive self-preservation by selling-out the Palestinians and Hezbollah - and the Lebanese people. They should know that the successful implementation of neocon/Zionist designs for the region presupposes their elimination from the political, even earthly scene. If this is the final showdown, then so be it. It should be clear that the aggressors are gradually becoming un-nerved. Better now the showdown, than later when they would have regrouped.

For obviously different reasons, I totally agree with the Wicked Witch of the West when she says that a lasting peace.jpgsettlement is what is required. The lasting peace settlement should include Israel withdrawing to its pre-1967 borders, its release of the over 10,000 Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners in its dungeons, a comprehensive non-aggression pact between the various players, the recognition by all countries of Israel’s right to exist, and a pledge by Israel to abandon its expansionist ambitions. Nothing short of that should do.