A non-apology, with cherries on top

emperors-without-clothes.jpgYour favourite, friendly neighbourhood blogger has become suicidal. And the reason for this some-might-say,  predictable state-of-affairs is that a former reader of these pages has unsubscribed. Why? Presumably, I have suddenly become rude and disrespectful in my prose, instead of proffering serious arguments to “advance your point of view”.

In short, a serious ticking-off by a sorely-to-be-missed, one-time dear reader. Apparently, what set of this tirade against yours truly was my last blog entry and one or two others in which I had referred to several illumini of the international ruling class, aka Masters of the Universe, in “disrespectful terms”, the use of strategically-placed asterisks notwithstanding.

The missive immediately put me in mind of an article I read recently in one newspaper (you have two guesses). Yes, it was the London Guardian, a leader which interpreted the recent loss by the ruling Labour Party in a bye-election as a case of Welsh voters being “disrespectful” to the powers-that-be. And this from a paper that many (naively) consider to be the country’s leading left-leaning daily!

No respect for mass-murderers

I must interject here and say that I am a very respectful guy. Having worked in the customer-service arena for sharonolmert.jpgsome years, I am well-accustomed to saying “sir” and “madam” to all sorts of people. I give respect to people who deserve it, be it in my personal or professional life. But I do not show respect to mass murderers and usurpers of our inalienable rights as human beings deserving of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (by the way, the last bit is from the US Constitution).

I must be a complete nincompoop; I must have failed in my mission, if I have over the course of my life ever given the impression that I have any smidgen of respect for the likes of Mr George Bush and Mr Tony Blair. Let’s be categorical here: I do not have any respect for Mr Bush and Mr Blair. And, as of today, I will only refer to them as Bush, Blair, George P(erpetual) W(ar) Bush, Tony B-Liar or, simply, Tweedle-Bush and Tweedle-Blair. And that’s a promise!

They shaft us mercilessly everyday of our lives, tell us lies as if we are mental retards, literally kill us day in day out while telling us it’s all for our own good, betray the trust of their electors - and I am supposed to respect them for it?!! As the Yanks would say, “You gotta be shitting me.” And you’ve got papers like the Guardian and its stablemate Observer - who said political discourse has been debased, or some-such crap - telling us to respect these murderous, lying, imperialist beasts.

Do they respect me? Do they respect us? Did the Iraqi Slaughter smack of respect? Do they respect the Palestinian people? To them we are dogs, mere obstacles in their headlong rush into Total World Domination, a la Pinkie and the Brain (but who is Pinkie and who is the Brain?).

Have you been eavesdropping?


devilwitch.jpgTo the former dear reader, if your delicate sensibilities were offended, I non-apologise (with two cherries on top) and humbly suggest you go elsewhere. Look at the second section on the right of this page and you will see that our mission is: “To blog with insightful and irreverent discourse on world affairs from a progressive, leftist perspective.” That’s the writing on the wall, in a manner of speaking. Maybe, the question you should ask yourself is whether you have been eavesdropping.

This is what I do. I offer cogent arguments, I rave, rant, curse if I want, celebrate the struggles and victories of the Wretched of the Earth, let off steam - for I can tell you there is a lot of steam needing liberation. That is who I am. That is what I do. With all due respects, stick with anodyne mainstream tosh of the sort you are fed by the BBC, Guardian, Observer, Independent, Fox and the rest.

This is my manor, and I rule. This is my truth. As Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a bushblair.jpgrevolutionary act.” This is my own personal revolution - and by god (ie Nkrumah), I will prosecute it my way. Unlike our emperors-without-clothes, I am not a murderer, a mass-murderer, a racist, a thief, liar or cad. I don’t cherry-coat what or how I feel. What you see is what you get. If you want it!

Now, remaining dear readers, I said I was thinking of doing away with myself because certain people don’t like what or how I write. I need your help here. How should I top myself? I am not a murderer, nor a self-murderer. I love myself too much to do the deed, so suicide is out. All suggestions are welcome. How about just leaving things to take their course. For now, I think I’ll settle for suicide-by-blog.