Lebanon must resist Zionists and neocons

By Lahai J Samboma

tweedlebush and tweedleblair.jpgThe blatant blackmail of the Lebanese people into accepting what Blair - Bush’s rear-end appendage - euphemistically calls a “stabilisation force”, has plunged the contemporary world into a new low, the likes of which would be very difficult, if not impossible, to match in recent history - despite the claim by apologists of Zionist war crimes that such a force is the only way to broker what they call a lasting peace in the MidEast.

And, as if on cue, the blathering birdbrain of a son-of-a-Bush was on our screens again today, talking of a “sustainable peace” and a “lasting ceasefire”, obviously oblivious to the fact that innocent children, women and men were being massacred even as he and his Wicked Witch Rice are playing realpolitik with the life of a whole nation.

We all know the statistics: the sixty people massacred in the Qana “mistake”, 37 of them children, more than half of whom were missing body-parts; whole villages and towns razed to the ground, corpses strewn all over the place because their living relatives had to escape to keep on living; the UN peacekeepers and Red Cross volunteers cut down in the “mistaken” precision strikes the intent of which was terror; the over 750 dead, and rising; the bloody, brutal, barbaric dismembering of a democratic polity. And last, but not least, the starving abandoned Lebanese dogs and cats, the rats and mice, thanking the bountiful good fortune their new, airborne gods in the shape of Zionist bombers and gunners were showering on them.


holy man.jpgOver in occupied Palestine, with the television cameras deflected to the state terrorism being inflicted in the north, the Zionist killing machine inflicts more “mistakes” on a dispossessed Arab people, the people whose determination to hold on to and defend the last shreds of their humanity is the source of all this death and destruction and inhumanity we witness, thanks to television, on our bloody screens every day since nearly a million years ago.

Where did it all begin? It began in the Zionist entity, thanks to American and western thirst for oil and their peoples’ gullibility that allows them to be thus wagged by their Jewish tails. Where will it end? If the Swaggering Simpleton and his Wicked Witch are to be believed, it will end when the Lebanese government accepts the blackmail of allowing entry to a multinational “stabilisation force” and their disarming of the only force on earth that can protect the Lebanese from the bombs and bombers of the terrorist Zionist entity.

The decision by the Lebanese prime minister, Fuad Siniora, to refuse to see Rice on her recent visit to the regionwitch and victim.jpg was rightly applauded, but it remains to be seen whether this resolve to have no brook with US appeasement of the Zionist’s continuing atrocities and war crimes will be steadfast in the face of the Zionists’ resolve to persevere with this veritable killing spree. It is the opinion of this writer that the Lebanese should not back down. There has to be an unconditional ceasefire, and Israel has to be forced by international opinion to withdraw.

I have written before that the plan to deploy this “neutral” force into Lebanon is just a ploy, devised by the Zionists and their American partners-in-war-crimes, to neutralise the valiant Hizbolla resistance by other means. It has become very clear to even the most rabid Zionist supporter that they are failing, and will ultimately not succeed, in forcing a military defeat on the Hezbolla resistance in Lebanon. Any semblance by the Lebanese of backing down from this very common sense position will be seen as weakness - and they will be left to a fate that would be even worse than humiliating.


From even before this Zionist offensive was launched, most of us had been predicting that it was bound to come. We expected it to be around March, but it didn’t come - after which we posited that it would have to materialise at some point in the summer. And, lo and behold, it has come! The basis for these predictions were manifold, but suffice it to say here that Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, the perceived - and now-borne-out - bolstering by Iran and Syria of the Hezbolla’s military strength; the threat to American designs on the region’s energy resources posed by both Iran and Syria and, finally, the difficulty of prosecuting an offensive in inhospitable weather conditions - all factor’d into these, it now appears, correct predictions.

Mr Siniora would be perfectly in his rights to pose the question as to why it would not be in their interests to be blackmailed by this so-called “international community”. As a democratically-elected leader, he has the overriding responsibility, the mandate, to seek the best interests of his nation - and that means its self-defence, something which the Hizbolla have demonstrated they are more than capable of doing, more than one can say of the national army. Just imagine if they had been cajoled into somehow disarming the Hizbolla. Where would they be now? They would have been easy pickings for the Zionist turkey shooters - more so than at present!

the prize.jpgThere is a school of thought that posits that this crisis would not have happened if the Hizbolla had not figured in the equation. That is bunkum. This assault on the Lebanese country and sovereignty was planned. The aim of this assault is to secure territory from which it would be easier to secure oil pipelines in the Mediterranean from Turkey and other areas in the Near East - and an adjunct to America’s plans for the region, not least its increasing difficulties in Iraq. The Hezbolla is actually saving the Lebanese nation.

Any deployment of this “stabilisation” force would only serve to hobble Lebanon, namely, it will be powerless against anything Israel would decide to do. It is very clear that any international force that subsequently goes into Lebanon will, one way or another, decide it to be its mandate to enforce UN Resolution 1559 to disarm the Hizbolla resistance, no matter what the diplomats might say to get the Lebanese to agree to its deployment.

There are two lessons to be learned from the present Unifil (the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon): they were largely ineffective and could not enforce the peace by disarming the Hezbolla, meaning that any subsequent force would be empowered, before or after deployment, to disarm the Hizbolla; also, any attempt by this would-be force to keep the Zionists in check would see their cold-blooded murder with impunity by the rogue terrorist state with the acquiescence of western governments - as seen by the murders of members of the present Unifil without even a sound from these self-same governments.


If and when a new international force is deployed to Lebanon, their role will be to neutralise the threat posed by the Hizbolla, thus allowing the Zionist entity to finally crush resistance in the Occupied Territories, without any resistance2.jpgfear of the Hezbolla coming to their aid. Second, the path would be clear for the Zionist-imperialist forces to regroup for the final assault - the crushing of Iran and Syria, thus paving the way for the implementation of western designs on the region. I sincerely hope that the Lebanese government will not allow itself to be used in this callous, cynical and calculating manner.

If it is going to happen at all, the force should be stationed in Israel, for they are the aggressors in this particular instance, no matter what the international media are leading us to believe. Lebanon is already destroyed. If the government of Lebanon agrees to this half-measure, into which they are being blackmailed, it will be this present government’s fault when the Zionist-imperialist beast comes calling tomorrow and ignites this nightmare all over again!

There is no way they are going to stop, if the people of the Middle East and their governments do not resolve to stop them. The Israelis want land and they want oil. The Americans want oil and they want control of the region. No amount of blood is going to top them now.


An unconditional ceasefire is the only way. If the other side refuse to offer it, then so be it. That is what they actually want, hence the cold-blooded prevarication of Bush, Blair, Rice and the rest of the blood-thirsty cabal. They want to draw-in Iran and Syria - that was the whole point of the exercise. However, they also figured that the Lebanese would sue for peace after being slaughtered like animals. The Lebanese have to prove them wrong. They should prove them wrong! And both Iran and Syria should stand by them. If the latter feel they have a viable option, they should think again. Nothing short of their elimination will do for our friends with the bomb!

Everyone is now talking about UN resolutions and a “lasting peace”. They are actually after my own heart. Let’s talk international legality. Even Israel - can you believe it? - is talking enforcing 1559. Let’s talk about Resolutions 465 and 476, both of which call for Israel to withdraw from occupied Arab territories to pre-1967 borders and the establishment of a viable Palestinian state. That is the crux of the matter.

But they see themselves as a western state that does not need to abide by international norms, just as America, its partner-in-war-crimes, does not. The earlier they realise that all nations are bound by international legality the better it would be for the long-suffering people in the Arab world.

massace in lebanon.jpgThere should be no peace until these war criminals are made to recognise that they cannot hold the world to ransom. We all want a peace, but it should be one that takes cognisance of all the relevant UN resolutions. We should not be picking and choosing between those UN resolutions we like and those we don’t like. We should be demanding the establishing a Palestinian state - before they finish-off Hamas and the Hizbolla, like they did the PLO before them. Mr Siniora, please don't let your people down.