Terrorism threat to West won’t end soon

By Lahai J Samboma

terrorism.jpgAccording to this morning’s newscasters, the British police and security services have foiled a “major plot” by “Islamic fundamentalists” to blow-up trans-Atlantic flights using devices hidden in hand luggage. As a consequence, all passengers on such flights will not be allowed hand luggage on board aircraft with immediate effect until further notice.

The reports say that at least 18 people in London and the south-east of England were arrested this morning in connection with the “ongoing investigation”. The security authorities are said to have been on the trail of the alleged, would-be mid-air bombers for several months. Security at all airports has increased and the terrorist threat level raised to “critical”. Another terrorist “spectacular”, we are told, is imminent.

Before I go any further, it would be prudent to make a disclaimer, as the troika of m’learned friends, the boys in blue and cloaked spooks would no doubt go over this text with fine tooth combs and eagle eyes to see if your favourite blogger has committed the crime of “glorifying terrorism”. I am against the killing of innocent civilians in the pursuit of political ends. I am against all forms of terrorism, including the state terrorism of the axis of evil - Israel, Britain and the Great Satan. There, that’s out of the way!


The news of the alleged plot should not really come as a surprise. We’ve had 9/11 in the US, the Madrid bombings and 7/7 in London; we’ve had Iraq and now we are being treated to the Zionist’s destruction of Lebanon in all its gory detail. We are living in dangerous times. What is indeed surprising is that more of these alleged plots have not been revealed - or, even, progressed to “fruition”.

All things being equal, “Islamic terrorism”, the alleged source of all these threats to what has been dubbed “our way of life” is bound to increase in the next couple of years. You certainly do not need a PhD in rocket science to see that.

Wake up and smell the coffee, as one Muslim leader said a couple of months ago in a television interview. Said state terrorism.jpgcoffee is being brewed in the Middle East and Chechnya, among other places. This is not an apologia for terrorism, nor is it, strictly speaking, an attempt to try to understand, or explain the phenomenon. It is just putting current events into their proper context. For the next four paragraphs I am a Lebanese Christian, born and bred in the West.

“My name is John Abu. My childhood friend, Musab, a Palestinian Muslim now lives with his family in Lebanon, where they set up home after being expelled from their homeland many years ago by the Zionist regime of Israel. Every time I watch, hear or read news of what the Israeli army is doing to my people and my beloved homeland, my heart boils. Sometimes, on my way home from work, tears well in my eyes. I tell people I have an eye infection; I have now taken to wearing tinted glasses, to veil my constantly-bloodshot eyes.


“Musab’s mother sent me a message two days ago, that her only son, distraught at what was being done to them by the Zionists, had joined the Hizbolla two weeks ago. He was now dead, killed while defending the southern Lebanese town of Beit Jbeil. I was inconsolable - my wife and kids could not lift me out of the doldrums, try as they might. Abu was the last person you could imagine would become a mujahedeen.

“Then I saw on television how the US and Britain were backing the Zionists to the hilt as my people and homeland was destroyed; how they prevaricated about a UN ceasefire just to give the Israeli more time to kill my people. It got to a point where I could not even bear to watch the news. As a church-going Christian, I just could not understand how Christian nations, so-called “civilised” nations, could allow such a gross injustice to continue. I had always been against violence - and then I got the news that my parents, who had gone back home to retire, had died in one of the Israeli sorties on “Hizbolla targets”.

"And I saw again these same Western leaders talking about how the so-called war had been started by Iran and Syria through their Hizbolla proxy. No talk of how Britain and America were arming Israel. No talk of how Israel was America’s proxy being used to drag those two countries into the conflict so that their military capabilities could be destroyed. No talk of the thousands of our people in Israeli jails. I just felt like screaming - and hitting back. I don’t know how, but I want to hit back - somehow…”


The above is a fictional detour into the person and mind of someone who could conceivably become a suicide bomber. Such an individual does not have to be a Muslim, or Arab even. People resist perceived oppression in all sorts of ways - and they may do so using abhorrent means, as did the 7/7 bombers. But they will resist in their own way, nevertheless. They do not have to be “Islamic extremists” . I have written before how resistance to perceived oppression manifests itself in a variety of ways in different societies. That is the context in which the threat posed by oppressed people who only happen to be Muslim should be seen.

We have seen the Mau Mau resisting violence with violence in colonial Africa; the leftists in Latin America taking to armed struggle and terrorism against US proxy governments. In the seventies, we had “terrorist” groups like the Red Army Faction and the Red Brigades in Europe.

These were all resistance groups who resorted to violent means in a bid to achieve their political ends. We may or may not like their particular methods or ideologies, but they pursued their goals in their own fashion. As will the people in the Muslim world who perceive the pernicious role of western government in their oppression.

suicide bomber.jpgThe hysteria being whipped up about “Islamic terrorism” is nothing short of racist and Islamophobic. It may be terrorism, but it is not “Islamic terrorism”. It is the response to oppression of a relative handful of Muslim people who have decided upon the device of terrorism to make up for their lack of conventional military capabilities to take-on the perceived perpetrators of injustices against them. And as long as the US-led axis of evil remains bent on subjugating their societies to their interests, they ain’t going away. No Siree, Bob! Like they say, no peace without justice.