Lebanon war, Palestinian Question have one indivisible solution

By Lahai J Samboma

lebanon turkeyshoot.jpgStation a “stabilisation force” in a south Lebanon “buffer zone“, disarm the Hizbolla resistance and, hey presto!, we have “lasting peace” in the Middle East. This is such a gross insult to our intelligence that even the producers of Pinky and the Brain - the cartoon characters bent on world domination - would baulk at even considering it a worthy plotline for their farcical characters.

Yet this is the canard we are being sold by Bush-Blair, as they insist that “sustainable peace” in the Middle East presupposes the positioning an international force between the Hizbolla and the Zionist state. This should come as no surprise; what is indeed mystifying is that many who should know better have swallowed this odious farrago - hook, line and sinker.

Even as a child I had an inkling that the dispossession of the Palestinians was a major Middle East and international issue, a view gleaned from an early cinema newsreel. This crystallised, in my teenage and early adulthood, into knowledge that a solution to this great injustice was a precondition for peace in that region. And, in a round-about fashion, the events that have supposedly culminated in the present crisis can only serve to enhance the validity of this conclusion.


We know that the Israeli bloodletting was long-planned by the Bush-Olmert axis of evil as the first step in their grand plan to reshape the Middle East - oil, land and all - to their designs. But the fact that they claim hostilities were initiated by the Hizbolla kidnapping of two Zionist state terrorist troops speaks volumes. This narrative has been well-nigh universally accepted for the simple reason that subconsciously - or otherwise - most people accept that it would not be uncharacteristic for the Hizbolla to resume hostilities at a time when the Zionists were launching pogroms on Palestinians in Gaza.

It does not tell us that a Zionist nuclear power, well-armed and goaded by America, is being beleaguered by the axis of evil.jpgArab horde - no matter what the newscasters would like us to think. Simply, it tells us - and reinforces the fact - that both conflicts are part of one indivisible whole. And, perhaps, more important, that the solution to one presupposes the solution to the other. In short, there can be no “sustainable peace” in Lebanon without a just settlement of the Palestinian Question.

The fact that Blair can say with a straight face that lasting peace can only be reached in Lebanon after the deployment of his “stabilisation force” shows him to be a dishonest, morally-bankrupt man who will say or do anything his moronic Big Brother requests. Or, should that be “dictates”?


a.campbell 45-minutes architect.jpgThis is the man who fabricated the 45-minutes-to-kingdom-come dodgy dossier, claiming that Hussein had WMDs; more pertinently, this is the liar who claimed as justification for taking his reluctant country into an illegal war in Iraq that he would, after the turkey shoot, use his “influence” with his boss to push for the establishment of a Palestinian state as soon as the “new Hitler” was vanquished. What did that get the Palestinians? Nada! Unless if you count the more that 100,000 Iraqis mass-murdered in that “war”.

It is thus very revealing that this time around we have heard precious little from this “straight kinda guy” about the settlement of the outstanding Palestinian Question as a precondition for lasting peace in the region. Instead, what we have got is this unabashed acceptance of the neocon position of using a so-called “stabilisation force” to disarm the Hizbolla, and leaving the field open for the conquest of the misbehaving Muslim tribes by the Zionist proxy army of western imperialism. It is a plain shame that the British have such a “Labour” leader for prime minister.

His cabinet is in revolt, with ultra-loyalist minister Jack Straw openly calling for a change of policy on the Israel-Lebanon war; his party, for long suspicious and sometimes unapologetically contemptuous of the man and all his works, has just voted onto its nominal ruling body an 80-year-old who was manhandled and evicted from last year’s party conference for criticising government policy on Iraq.

Backbench Labour parliamentarians are in open revolt, calling for their leader to pack his bags, Thatcher-like, and GO NOW. To cap it all, the usually well-mannered UN has told him in no uncertain terms to butt-out of current negotiations for a ceasefire in the ongoing Hizbolla-Israeli war. But - and this is no surprise to those who know him - Blair refuses to acknowledge that his wobbly house is crashing around him.

Even today the man, who some in his party had hoped would signal is immediate, long-awaited departure from the political scene within the next two months, has dropped the bombshell that he plans to stay-on for another year. If anything, this speaks volumes about the character of not only his cabinet and backbenchers, but also of the man who would be Britain’s prime minister, finance minister Gordon Brown.


Just as before, during and after the Iraqi Muslim shoot, Brown’s very deafening silence on Blair’s disgraceful lost man brown.jpgneocon-kowtowing foreign policy in the Middle East has been nothing short of criminal. The received wisdom is that he has to be loyal to ensure a “smooth transition”; he has to be “responsible”.

Well, he can be as loyal and “responsible” as he likes, but the fact of this bold bottling-out at a time when innocents are being slaughtered in Palestine and Lebanon will not, hopefully, be lost on many of the people who Brown depends on for his political ascendancy to the top job. If, at a time like this, he prefers others to put their heads above the parapets as he digs his head further into the sand of infamy, it would come as no surprise if the Labour Party ends up being perceived by people as no better than the Conservatives who, by definition, are signed-up to the neocon agenda. Britain is increasingly becoming just like America, with hardly a reefer-paper between the major parties on major issues.

The one ray of light in this positively depressing scenario is that Lebanese leader Fouad Siniora and his government have rejected the draft UN “peace” proposal that was fashioned with the connivance of the US, the most dishonest broker of all. They, the Lebanese, must have realised that there will be no respite for their country from the Zionist threat as long as the Palestinian question remains unresolved. All who want peace in the Middle East should be fighting for a just Palestinian settlement - not least Mr Siniora. The issue should be at the top of any peace initiative.