Jobless numbers up in UK

By J L Samboma

Yesterday’s depressing news, that unemployment in Britain had increased yet again, arrived with a dose of comic relief to soften the impact, thanks to the BBC and UK top dog David Cameron.

Slasher from Downing Street

This very independent and objective broadcaster told us the rise in joblessness was a surprise –- of all things in a country reeling from government spending cuts!  I shook my head, blinked and looked again.  Yup, it was still there -- a surprise!

“The surprise increase was driven by public sector job losses, and pushed the unemployment rate up to 7.9%,” the BBC newssite said.  This was from an organisation which had been reporting on the spending and jobs cuts for the last couple of months.

But it was the Slasher from Downing Street himself who took the biscuit.  The Guardian reported the Prime Minister as saying he was “concerned” at the “tragedy” of the unemployment rise.  He also made some noises about a euphemism called the “government’s Work Programme.”

Millionaire Front Man of Capital

It beats me how David Cameron can say he’s “concerned” about people losing their jobs, when it’s his policies that are wreaking havoc on the economy and people’s lives and livelihoods.  Those policies, driven by ideology rather than pragmatism or compassion, are going to slash over £80 billion pounds from government spending over the next four years.

At the same time, this millionaire Front Man of British and international capital is so concerned that, he looks the other way as fellow rich-club members dodge taxes which, if collected, could solve the country’s fiscal problems in a flash.  It can indeed become repetitious saying these things, but they need saying often.  The alternatives are to revolt, or curl up and die.

The Conservative’s so-called “work programme” amounts to a policy of slashing everything in sight, blaming the jobless for being without work and waiting for the almighty market forces to come up with jobs several years down the line. 

Cameron’s mantra yesterday -– and since he took up office -- is that the “private sector will provide jobs.”  But how can the private sector create jobs, when spending power and confidence has been squeezed out of the economy by the policies of this coalition of compassionless Conservatives and pliant Liberal Democrats? 

Fair Maidens with Delectable Necks

And the media and “respectable” society feign surprise when people vent their rising anger.  At least people know now that a vote for the Liberal Democrats is, at best a wasted vote, at worst a vote for the Nasty Party.

All other things being equal till the next general election, we should hopefully have a Labour administration in place.  When they prove no better, what happens then?  Another cycle of the not-so-merry-go-round?  A big carnival of the oppressed?

But that’s for the future.  All we can say for now is that, judging from the evidence available to us, Cameron has as much “concern” for the jobless and the have-nots in Britain as Count Dracula has for fair maidens with delectable necks.