The Beast will come for you too

By J L Samboma

There are many Africans, both at home and abroad, who have internalised the divide-and-conquer propaganda that Libya is not Africa, that Libyans are not Africans. If that is the case, then Americans of European, African and other extraction are not Americans.

This "white" propaganda - just like the preposterous claim by corporate media that Libyan troops used viagra-induced erectiles to rape women and that the "rebels" lynching black Africans are not CIA assets - is used to numb our humanity and solidarity with the Libyan people.

The liberal left point to the supposed fact that Gadaffi was responsible for the Lockerbie bombing. I say "supposed" because, despite the fact that the Libyan leader eventually accepted responsibility, there are still question marks over the issue. The truth is still shrouded in murky world of espionage and realpolitik and skulduggery.

Even if Gadaffi was responsible, does that justify bombing the country into the stone-age and mass murdering Libyan people, as was done in Iraq under false premises which turned out to be white lies. Furthermore, had they not made their accomodation when he was brought in from the cold for oil?

For those who have bought all the lies churned out by the corporate media - accomplices in mass murder - I have one question. Who do you expect to come to your aid when the imperialist juggernaut comes for you?

The following words by a fellow called Martin Niemoller put it so much better:


First they came for the Communists,

and I didn't speak up,

because I wasn't a Comminist.

Then they came for the Jews,

and I didn't speak up,

because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics,

and I didn't speak up,

because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me,

and by that time there was no one left

to speak up for me.


- Martin Niemoller, Good Human Being