The Hijacking of Libya, an eBeefs documentary

By J L Samboma

The following is a trailer for a documentary on last year's imperialist assault on Libya, during which a sovereign nation was hijacked by the West and their local henchmen, under the guise of bringing "freedom and democracy" to the country. The project is now in post-production, although a few interviews are pending. The aim of this trailer is to provide a taster and to help solicit funds for production costs.

This is a self-supporting venture, operating on a "budget of none." If you would like to assist with this independent production, then please use the paypal button on the right to order a copy of The President's Pressmen, our previous effort on media repression in Sierra Leone. The sum of five pounds (£5.00) will cover the unit cost of producing and despatching the dvd; £10.00 or more will mean at least £5.00 towards the editing and other production costs for Libya film project.

Also, those who remit £15 or more will get a signed copy of The Hijacking of Libya when the film is eventually released. If, however, you do not wish to contribute to post-production for the Libya project, then only remit £5.00.  And do state your postal address on the order.  Please reach us by email with any queries. Many thanks.