The empire strikes back

By Lahai J Samboma

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Under the guise of ridding the world of a later-day Hitler and his imaginary weapons of mass destruction, the US and Britain launched an imperialist war of aggression against the people of Iraq just over three years ago. Latest figures estimate that between 130,000 and 250,000 Iraqis have since died as a consequence.

As you read this, American naval vessels are making their way to the Persian Gulf, while bombers stationed on bases around the globe are getting into battle-readiness for a strike against Iran. The pretext here is that they would be acting to prevent the “mad mullahs” from acquiring the Bomb. Most educated opinion believes that the long-expected strike will come before the Summer is out.

Just three years after the Iraq blodletting, this frenetic rush into massacre after massacre (please don’t call it “war”) is phenomenal by any yardstick. Have the lives other living, breathing human beings become so devalued that that son-of-a-Bush can go on dropping bombs on sovereign nations like there was no tomorrow?

And the world is just standing by like innocent bystanders at the slaughter. If you had read this in a work of fiction, you would not believe it could happen in real life. Truth, indeed, is stranger than fiction!

There is a very simple dynamic at play here. The American elite, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), has war ships.jpgbecome very aware and very, very afraid of the fate that befalls all empires sooner or later: decline. The American empire is fighting tooth-and-nail to prevent the inevitable. The empire is striking back.

Many years hence school children will be reading about the rise, decline and fall of the American Empire, just as in our day we crammed details of the decline of the Roman, Ottoman, British, Zulu, and other empires. The trajectory of the American empire has peaked; it is now in decline at the beginning of the 21st Century; its fall will be a gradual one, but it is coming, as surely as night follows day.

As the world is pulled irrevocably - not-kicking, not-screaming - into another imperialist military adventure, the Iranians should realise they can do nothing to stop this historical movement. The dynamic is fuelled by Middle Eastern oil, and the conquest and consolidation of a secure sphere of influence to fulfil the requirement of very pliant client states and markets, without which no empire can survive in the long-run.

According to the ideologues at the US neocon thinktank, the Project for the New American Century(PNAC), the goal of America in the present century should be the establishment of a global empire to bend the will of all nations, and to use military and economic might to bring the rest of the world under the umbrella of a new socio-economic Pax Americana. That is why 9-11 was such a godsend to these people, for it provided them with the tenuous pretext on which to launch their grandiose enterprise that was the Second Gulf Massacre.

The First Gulf Massacre, which occurred after Ambassador April Glaspie encouraged Hussein to annexe neighbouring Kuwait, was a botched operation. Papa Bush’s killer instinct did not hold out long enough for him to finish the job. He got a lot of neocon flack for bottling out.

That is why 9-11 was such a golden opportunity - another chance to get the job done right. And that is also why it is said that that son-of-a-Bush came to finish the job the “spineless” Papa failed to do.

war1.jpgThere are several reasons why the next domino that is Iran would also have to fall. First, it is not that the “mullahs” are “hotheads” and “unpredictable”; it is simply that they are independent-minded. They can not be trusted to do Uncle Sam’s bidding. Second, they are also sitting on a pot of oil which America needs to control for its energy security. Third, they have a serious beef with the way America’s Zionist client-state treats their Muslim brothers. Fourth, Iran is determined to go nuclear, something neither America nor Israel can countenance under any given circumstances, given their territorial designs in the region.

Last, but not least, Iraq would only have been truly pacified, in American-Indian fashion, when the insurgency - and the powerful Shi’ite factions - are brought under control. But this over-riding objective can only be achieved if Tehran’s influence can be nipped in the bud. The best way to do this would be to use force, something Uncle Sam is very much prepared to do.

The Iranians say that their keen interest in uranium enrichment technology has more to do with peaceful, energy needs and not with weapons manufacture. Be that as it may, it is the opinion of this writer that it would not be a bad thing if they had that capability. However, despite the flurry of western misinformation, Iran has complied with its obligations under the Non Proleferation treaty, unlike Israel and America, which is producing uranium-tipped, so-called bunker-busting bombs which it has said will be used against Tehran if they do not “back down”.

However, the imperialist beast has now got the bit between its teeth and will not let go until the perceived threat from Tehran has been neutralised and the region made safe for its designs. So, the usual shock-and-awe strategy, if deployed against Iran, would achieve many of America’s short- and long-term goals in the region.

This is the best time for a strike against Iran and I don’t think the Americans are going to let it slip by, no matter what “world opinion” thinks or says. (World opinion would need guns and bombs of its own to matter here.) The next best thing would be for the Americans to subcontract the job to Israel, but that would be fraught with some problems, not least of which would be that they may not get another chance in the near future to finish the job themselves if it were left half-done.

The theoretical underpinnings of America’s Middle East adventure does not allow for “allied forces” to leave the region anytime soon and, I would wager, not in the next 10 or 20 years. So, when one hears Bush and Blair say that they will only leave when the Iraqis ask them to, or “not before the job is done”, one cannot but snigger. They have not invested innocent blood, trillions of dollars and their personal and international credibility just to turn and abandon their neo-conservative mission. (Just imagine a British Labour leader cast in this role - I give another anti-imperialist snigger!)

As the world’s feet tap absentmindedly to the drumbeat of the impending “war”, otherwise known as the Third Gulfchavez castro.jpg Slaughter, there are times when you almost want to say to the neocons, “Hush, I know just how you feel.” What with Chavez, Morales, Castro and the other left-leaning Latin American leaders threatening to cut of their oil, rousing their people against the Great Northern Satan and forging powerful alliances with a resurgent India, Russia and China, America must be really becoming desperate - and lonely. And the empire is striking back!

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